*NEW* Potential Candidates Moving To EOS (Rumored, Not Substantial Enough Evidence)

  • Powerledger
  • Civic

Effect.Ai (From NEO To EOS)

Website: https://effect.ai/

Reasoning: The current implementation of the [NEO] blockchain can’t get to the promised transaction throughput and the smart contract compilers besides C# are still immature.

Why Not NEO: Feeless transactions turned out to be unsustainable due to poor security. The network’s TPS rate remained at 15-20, too slow for Effect.AI’s needs; a problem which came to head when NEO struggled to handle 200,000 EFX transactions at the launch of Effect Force. More worryingly, Effect.AI said there was a lack of direction with NEO’s future and a potential full reboot, known as NEO 3.0, would force projects to migrate over to a new platform anyway.

WAX (From Ethereum, Independent EOS Sister Chain

Decision Matrix:
Blockchain Matrix
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EOS allows WAX DPOS implementation largely through configuration and small code modifications. Also, EOS provides a framework to implement WAX smart contracts and transactions while having existing scaffolding for Wallet and WAX Connect clients.

We have selected a variant of EOS as the base platform for WAX. As previously mentioned, Lukas and the WAX engineering team will be building a version of the EOS blockchain because while it is the superior base technology, EOS doesn’t support all features of the WAX Platform including Guilds, voting mechanisms for dispute resolution, and others.

Tixico (Migrating From Ethereum)

Website: https://tixico.io/

  • Better performance and scalability to serve high demand
  • Low latency
  • No transaction fees


Unico (Migrating From Ethereum)

Website: https://unico.io/

After several discussions and analyses, we have come to the conclusion that EOS is the best blockchain for UNICO. In addition to some well-known EOS attractive features (no gas fees, scalability, strong security, etc), we have also highly appreciated the expressions of interest and support for our project that we received from a number of players in the EOS ecosystem.

Medipedia (Migrating From Ethereum)

Website: https://medipedia.io/


  • 1.Transaction Speed
  • 2. No Fee for Transactions
  • 3 3. Scalability

If a DApp exhibits faulty than it can be immediately frozen by the block creators until the problem is solved. Other dApps parts of the EOS network are not affected at all. Source

Sense Chat (Moved From Ethereum)

Sense Token on EOS

Website: https://www.sense.chat/

Billionaire Token (Moved From Ethereum)

Website: https://billionairetoken.com/


  • For our purposes it promises to be much faster than the Ethereum Network.

EOSBet (Moved From Ethereum)

Website: https://eosbet.io/

  • Simply put, our players deserve a much better user experience than what can be offered on Ethereum, and we’re building that on EOS.
  • Ethereum can barely support a simple gambling DApp, let alone a commercial-scale casino


Distributed Alliance Platform, HOQU (Moved From Ethereum)

Website: https://hoqu.io/


  • Transaction Fees Free
  • Transaction Speed
  • Graphene Technology
  • Flexible and Functional Smart Contracts

Everipedia (Actively Chose EOS Over Ethereum)

Website: https://everipedia.org/

Everipedia co-founder and President, Sam Kazemian said: “The entire protocol is built on-chain, meaning that articles are edited, voted on, and uploaded to the EOS decentralized network and [InterPlanetary File System] network. No part of the protocol requires trust in a single party. This makes Everipedia a probably fair and transparent system, where everyone can see exactly where and how the content was added to each article. Blockchains allow for distributed governance as well as self-sustainability, which is needed in a knowledge base that the public can trust enough to reference.”

Insights Networks (Actively Chose EOS Over Ethereum)

Website: https://insights.network/

When our team first discussed requirements for the Insights Network platform, it quickly became clear that we must build on a blockchain which is scalable, easy to iterate upon and above all else, secure. After much deliberation between Ethereum and EOS, it was evident that the best way forward for our platform was to embrace EOS and its surrounding ecosystem.

Why Blockchain?

Tapatalk (Why Blockchain?)

Website: https://www.tapatalk.com/

Tapatalk is now introducing the blockchain-enabled Gold Point Wallet, built on the EOS platform. Blockchain integration will enable Gold Points rewards by making micro-payments more feasible for end users and eliminating transaction fees from external payment processors. As reasons to engage multiply, forum administrators and owners will see a rise in participation and quality content, with additional monetization opportunities.